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PrognosUS is a mobile & web application about providing care/aiding caregivers/patients with neurological disability primarily dementia. It is a free, culturally fluent brain health platform for early dementia screening, counsel, community, and cure-finding.


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PrognosUS is a one-of-its-kind platform that provides aid for the neurologically disabled, primarily dementia. The patients, caregivers, health workers, and the community of the said disability can sign up for the application and gather useful insights and aid from specialized psychologists and physicians. The specialists behind the platform are PHD scholars, neurologists, and psychologists who focus on providing information, support and advice in managing the disease. It involves transforming the cure of the disability for better care of the dementia patients. Also, the users can navigate through the health aspects of the patients with dementia and connect with other caregivers to better deal with the emotional, psychological, physical and financial aspects of dementia.

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The PrognosUS platform screens, informs, connects and transforms the health journey of dementia patients, caregivers, attendants and such. It recognizes the struggles of minoritized communities who are susceptible to contracting dementia as compared to majoritized communities. And with the anti-racial lens, this platform changes the attitudes, systems and power.

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