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TaxTaker is a leading non-dilutive investment program accessible to emerging firms and can obtain Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits for Startups and Small to Medium-Sized Businesses. They are on a mission to make government tax incentives more accessible and secure for startups and SMBs.


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For more than 40 years, the founders of TaxTaker have worked on R&D credit claims for firms ranging in size from small start-ups to Fortune 50 conglomerates. TaxTaker is the partner every startup needs in their toolset, especially in light of recent laws enhancing startups’ advantages to offset their payroll expenses. Their real-time professionals work with startups and their accountants to ensure that startups get the most out of their tax returns each year.

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Real-Time Experts To Maximize Your Refunds

Startups may immediately improve their cash flow and bottom line when they have access to a method that is both quicker and more intelligent for computing credits and providing reports verifying eligibility.

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